Vegas memories – day 1.

What a nice way to wake up this morning! I had been battling a disgusting round of food poisoning (never eating SUBWAY again), but this morning I could not feel crappy anymore. In my inbox was an e-mail from my best friend with the photos from her camera in Vegas!!!

It was so wonderful. I was reminded of all the nice weather, and the fun adventures we had.

We left for Vegas early in the morning from Edmonton, Alberta. We were at the airport for 4:30 *yuck* from there we landed in Phoenix for an hour and then on to Vegas. It was great from the beginning. Alberta has been really cold this winter (like always I guess) and we still had snow so both of us were happy to get out of our sweat pants and into something that showed a little more skin, and off we went.

We stayed at the Monte Carlo, which was nice, but we could have done without the screaming child in the room next to us!!

The first thing on the agenda was the outlet mall. Irene LOVES to shop!!! We got matching COACH bags… we call them our friendship purses.

After shopping Temika and Dan Sperry picked us up…. Can I just say they are the nicest, sweetest couple in Vegas! They took us to The Peppermill, which I could not believe the portion sizes! WOW! I love the interior as well, so cheezy “retro” Vegas… The food was good but I had an awful headache which made it hard to eat, must have been the early morning travel, mixed with excitement. They even drove the strip with us after dinner, back to the hotel. It was AMAZING at night, all the lights. I just loved it! And it was so nice and warm, it was great to feel the warm breeze from the open car windows (as the cabbie earlier refused to let me open his). The strip was so busy as we happened to be there over Spring Break.

We went to Club XS that night and Irene’s friend who lives in Vegas 1/2 the time met us there. It was packed, but luckily he was able to find us. The clubs are so neat, I love the ones with the outdoor sections, and pools. I think its so much nicer than the clubs we have here. It get’s too hot and stuffy.

The drinks in Vegas are STRONG…. That’s all I have to say about that….



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Under WHERE?!?

Walking in my Underwear again this year for cancers below the waist, please support an donate or join the team!!

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I DO like Pina Coladas . . .

but there’s been no rain here, just beautiful blue skies.

Short post today, as I am off to sleep… it IS 4:30..

Great day today, again the days here are so long, its wonderful, never a dull moment. Saw Mac King’s show at Harrah’s, went to the Phantom of The Opera at the Venetian (AMAZING…seriously) then off to Moon at the Palms, followed by an attempt to get into to LAVO only to find they had just closed.

Ah well.. I am off to bed now though I’m not even tired, must be this Vegas air…

Round 3 tomorrow!!!

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Round 1 . . .

before the club

Well, I didn’t think I would have it in me, after barely sleeping the night before and getting maybe an hour combined on the two plane rides, but I did.

We shopped our little hearts out at The Premium Outlets, then met up with the Sperry’s for dinner, home where I power-napped for about half an hour, and then it was time to get dressed and head off to XS, there was a huge line, but somehow we didn’t have to wait in it.

It was so pack inside, and out, and so loud, it was fantastic. Irene’s friend Same lives in Vegas half the time so he met up with us at the club… and for the record WHAT do they put in those DRINKS?!?!? wow.

We were back at the hotel “early” by 3 am, and now we are up and getting ready for round 2, who knows what this day will hold, but so far its sunny skies.

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23 hrs

into my trip..

i am EXHAUSTED, and drunk…. my friend is in the care of her friend who lives here 1/2 the time.

It feels like I have been here for a weke, I love it!

and the weather is FANTASTIC!!!


Vegas you can keep me.


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VEGAS BABY – We have arrived!

Well after being up BEFORE 4 AM to get to the airport on time, a flight to Phoenix, and then the connecting flight to Vegas and the shuttle to the hotel…. We ARE HERE!
And I couldn’t be more thrilled!!!!!
Time to get ready and start looking human again, 4 AM is not exactly my friend when it comes to the beauty department…. But after a quick wash up, and putting on a “face” I’m good to go with bows on! LITERALLY
I want to come back already! Anyone want to join me?
We have a pool-view from our hotel, and we are off to SHOP today!
Expect lots of photos, and updates when I can….
Its slightly overcast but its HOT, so I LOVE IT! No complaints from this girl!

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While most kids claim to have a BFF, it seldom seems to last the “forever” it claims it will however mine has held steady and true for 20 years…. She’s been through everything, and that’s a lot.
And for 75% of our wonderful pairing we have been in separate cities…. I left after 5 years of friendship, and I still remember that day. We walked home from school together and then took turns walking each other home (across the street and down two houses) until my mother said we had to go. We were moving to Calgary. So what were “Betty and Veronica” to do? Become pen pals of course! And then wage war with the postal service for raising the price of stamps by 1cent! We’d beg our parents to make the trip for birthdays, and other special occasions, and that seemed to suit us just fine, staying up all night laughing and giggling and talking for hours. Phone calls came later, and now text messages and e-mails, although we do still send real letters.
And now here we are 20 years of friendship going on strong, and finally going on our long awaited trip!
Look out Vegas here we come!
So this blog is a big thank you to my true BFF who has stuck to me like glue, I couldn’t ask for a better partner in crime, a nicer cheerleader in my corner, I’ll always be your Betty and you will be my Veronica.
Thanks Irene! See you soon!
Annual trips are going to be a MUST from now on! We do have 70 years or so left in this partnership!

Vegas, Reno, Mexico, China, Olds(LOL) the list goes on and on.

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Snow, snow go away

I spoke too soon about the HOT … Maybe it will be hot in Vegas and Calgary will have sorted it’s seasons out by the time I return. However I would like the snow to stop as I have to drive up to Edmonton tomorrow!! AND I am trying to move into a condo by the end of the month! Not to mention it’s mid-April, sigh. Oh well 2 days until Vegas!

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Feeling hot Hot HOT!!!

So I think today is officially the hottest day so far this year, I wish I was in a skirt! And to think I almost spent the day at a ski hill! Although that would have been fun too, I do love promotions!
I just can’t get over how nice it is outside! Snow is melting fast! So those that enjoy the snow go find some while you still can!
I’m taking this day as Vegas prep… A week away woohoo!!!

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Planes, trains and automobiles

Notice how busses are NOT listed. I don’t think I’ll ever become a fan of the bus. The trains here in Calgary kind of suck but are tolerable…. Oh well I’d still rather drive.
Now in just 10 more days I’ll be on my plane to VEGAS!

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