Snowflakes to stay on my nose and EYELASHES!!!

Well ok… not YET they don’t. But Tomorrow the lovely ladies at Noir Lash Lounge (newly open in Calgary) are outfitting me with a set of my very own lashes, so I can try them out, and tell you all about it! So far I only have good things to say about this place, the staff have been MORE than helpful through e-mails and tweets. And rumor has it the place is BEAUTIFUL!

I am very excited to see how its all done, and more excited to have some GORGEOUS lashes for the holidays. Its a shame the shows were last weekend, but I will find places to show them off!!!

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Movember Mustache Solo’s

Last month was Movember and a dear friend of mine decided to go at it SOLO… SHE glued a mustache to her face EVERY SINGLE DAY for the entire month in hope to get donations for Prostate Cancer. I have to say I am very proud of her, despite crazy looks, and comments and everything else, she stuck to it, and even won Miss Movember Calgary 2011.

Miss Movember and I

Tomorrow is the last day of donations you can read about her adventures and still donate here.


I have another form of Mustache Solo for you all today as well. Ryan Pilling a comedy magician from Calgary, has also done his part for Movember. He grew a mustache for the whole month, and has made a song as a tribute… giving his mustache a well deserved “mustache solo” in it. So if you’ve ever wondered what a moustache solo would look or sound like… now’s your chance! Shave or Grow by Ryan Pilling

He’s hoping it makes it’s way into the Movember Moscars which are chosen tomorrow and the winners are decided upon by the 15th. So watch it, like it, and share it with friends!


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Mexico, Montana and Magic OH MY!

So this month has been kind of CRAZY…. right after our BRUSH WITH DEATH successes I was off to Mexico to accompany Ryan Pilling on his magic gig. Did you know I have recently become his booking agent? FANTASTIC let me tell you. I LOVE booking gigs!!! I just with I could book more!!!! I need more magic! It’s also a shame Ryan doesn’t use an assistant yet… *hint hint*

ONE HOUR after returning from Mexico I was on the road to Montana with Allister Denton of Impetus Magic to go promote his show at the Rocky Mountain Association of Fair’s Convention. It was my first convention ever, and was so much fun! I met toones of awesome people, AND celebrated my birthday while down there. Our first show together will be this Saturday.

What a great two week of MAGIC for November… more in the New Year PLEASE!!!!!

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It’s that time again…

Attention Calgarians,

It’s that time of year again, the leaves are changing colors and falling QUICKLY to the ground, the air is getting COLDER, the costume shops and haunted houses are popping up and all the posters around town have a spooky feel to them.
But this year the haunted houses and pub crawls are not the only way to get your scare on this Halloween. From the twisted mind of Yeatland Wong, A Brush With Death and Bunny Rabbits, will be making its fourth appearance, in the newly re-named Lolita’s (formerly Club Paradiso) and just in time for Halloween.
Advertised as “A Halloween show like no other in Calgary: Enjoy an evening of macabre magic and morbid comedy from a couple of psychotic magicians and one enticing assistant.” Brush with Death will deliver just that, this is NOT your children’s magic show!
So get in touch with your inner phobias at the hit underground bizarre show, “A BRUSH WITH DEATH“.  Since it’s opening show in October 2010, every show has been completely SOLD OUT.  Featured in the intimate surroundings of Lolita’s (formerly Club Paradiso), this macabre show explores the darker side of magic entertainment. Mentalism, seances, and plenty of morbid comedy are all to be expected at each show.
This seasons show features Yeats Wong , Trixtan, and of course ME the lovely magic assistant Gwyn Auger.

Showtimes are as follows :
October 27, 2011 Time: Doors open at 6:00pm (for dinner guests); Show begins at 8:00pm
October 28, 2011 Time: Doors open at 7:00pm (for dinner guests); Show begins at 9:00pm
October 30, 2011 Time: Doors open at 6:00pm (for dinner guests); Show begins at 8:00pm

Show is approximately 1hour 45 minutes, including a 15 minute intermission. RUSH SEATING

Location: Lolita’s (Formerly Club Paradiso) above Village Cantina in Inglewood: 1413 – 9 Ave SE

Tickets are just $20/person and can be purchased from Lolita’s (403-265-5739) or online with PayPal at
Ages 18+ only.

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Brush with Death

Its official! brush with death and bunny rabbits has been booked for 3 dates in october! After selling out all the shows we have done so far we expect these shows to be just as good …. if not better after all they will be right near our favorite time of year … HALLOWEEN! i cant wait for you all to see what we have in store this time so buy your tickets early so you dont miss out!

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The Magician’s Assistant Song

The Magic Assistant song coming soon I hope.

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City Chase Calgary . . . Kicked my ***

Well… we did it…. unless you talk to Anna who doesn’t think we acutally finished because we were 5 minutes late.
BUT I think it counts as we did 12/40 challenges and a lot of the other’s only did the required 10.
By the end of it all I could hardly move, and the next day was almost as painful, but it was totally worth it.
The experiences we had, the fun, the laughs, the tears all worth it. I can’t wait for next year! Maybe we can try and tackle two cities.
Check back for a longer update complete with a few photos from the event!

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Just Can’t Get Enough

So charity event round 3 will be June 11 … Wish me luck and my friend and I will be participating in this years City Chase event in Calgary, Alberta. I’ll need all the magic I can get!

Think amazing race stuff condensed into one day around the city, and we all know my thoughts on public transit already, so it should be interesting to say the least.

Last weekends Underwear Affair event was good, we danced, we walked, we got free massages before and after the race, we wore our underwear with pride, and took a bunch of pictures! I just need some time at home to put them up. Our team raised over $1500 between the three of us which is fantastci. BIG THANKS have to go out to Jason Werhun for allowing us to crash two of his Karaoke nights and being so supportive he stripped down to his underwear for us too, and all the people who donated to us.

Anna’s artwork sales were a HIT!

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Taking it off…

We are at it again… Team Cupcake Cuties singing in their Underwear to raise money for cancers below the waist, as always everyone is invited! AND we have Jason Werhun hosting again!!

You can see the event here!

The Olive Grove 

240 Midpark Way SE
Calgary, AB
Tuesday May 31 – 9 pm – 1 am
Or you can donate to our team by visiting and searching “Cupcake Cuties”
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Feeling like a rockstar princess…

Yesterday I got to participate in a FABULOUS photoshoot for Sabrina May PR, my hair and makeup were done by the AMAZING and TALENTED Douglas Cressman which is where the “rockstar” part comes in… It was VERY COOL… “David Bowie-ish” And the dresses used were provided by Ruby Ellen Designs who’s motto is “Live the magic, dress in RED” which of course would be the princess part.

But this fairy tale combination did not end at the shoot, I kept the hair and makeup on to go to The Sunshine Gala that evening where I was promoting LIT Cosmetics and Ruby let me borrow the dress and the Ruby Slippers.

It was FANTASTIC, so many people came up and commented on the dress and the outfit, and yes even the shoes!

If I can’t always do MAGIC, as there are not shows everyday right now, I should at least be doing something FUN!

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