Just Can’t Get Enough

So charity event round 3 will be June 11 … Wish me luck and my friend and I will be participating in this years City Chase event in Calgary, Alberta. I’ll need all the magic I can get!
Think amazing race stuff condensed into one day around the city, and we all know my thoughts on public transit already, so it should be interesting to say the least.
Last weekends Underwear Affair event was good, we danced, we walked, we got free massages before and after the race, we wore our underwear with pride, and took a bunch of pictures! I just need some time at home to put them up. Our team raised over $1500 between the three of us which is fantastci. BIG THANKS have to go out to Jason Werhun for allowing us to crash two of his Karaoke nights and being so supportive he stripped down to his underwear for us too, and all the people who donated to us.
Anna’s artwork sales were a HIT!

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