Feeling like a rockstar princess…

Yesterday I got to participate in a FABULOUS photoshoot for Sabrina May PR, my hair and makeup were done by the AMAZING and TALENTED Douglas Cressman which is where the “rockstar” part comes in… It was VERY COOL… “David Bowie-ish” And the dresses used were provided by Ruby Ellen Designs who’s motto is “Live the magic, dress in RED” which of course would be the princess part.

But this fairy tale combination did not end at the shoot, I kept the hair and makeup on to go to The Sunshine Gala that evening where I was promoting LIT Cosmetics and Ruby let me borrow the dress and the Ruby Slippers.

It was FANTASTIC, so many people came up and commented on the dress and the outfit, and yes even the shoes!

If I can’t always do MAGIC, as there are not shows everyday right now, I should at least be doing something FUN!

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