Movember Mustache Solo’s

Last month was Movember and a dear friend of mine decided to go at it SOLO… SHE glued a mustache to her face EVERY SINGLE DAY for the entire month in hope to get donations for Prostate Cancer. I have to say I am very proud of her, despite crazy looks, and comments and everything else, she stuck to it, and even won Miss Movember Calgary 2011.

Miss Movember and I

Tomorrow is the last day of donations you can read about her adventures and still donate here.


I have another form of Mustache Solo for you all today as well. Ryan Pilling a comedy magician from Calgary, has also done his part for Movember. He grew a mustache for the whole month, and has made a song as a tribute… giving his mustache a well deserved “mustache solo” in it. So if you’ve ever wondered what a moustache solo would look or sound like… now’s your chance! Shave or Grow by Ryan Pilling

He’s hoping it makes it’s way into the Movember Moscars which are chosen tomorrow and the winners are decided upon by the 15th. So watch it, like it, and share it with friends!


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