A Brush With Death


Next show March 31 – The Garden Variety Show 8 pm at the Lantern Church in Inglewood Calgary, AB



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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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My apologies

I have failed at blogging regularly…. I will be starting up again!


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At The Garden Variety Show . . .

The crowd was great, the show was great, and it was a great place to show off the new outfit!

Thanks so much to Yeats for having me as his “partner” for the show, and allowing me to join him on the couch for the guest interview section!

Here’s the video – sad the rope trick did not make the cut, but the sword box is there again!

The Garden Variety Show 2012

and for those who missed last years

The Garden Variety Show 2011

Big thanks to all who made it out!

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The Garden Variety Show

Next up…. this Thursday, you can see me as a guest with Yeats Wong on The Garden Variety Show (www.gardenvarietyshow.com). We will be perfoming pieces from the Brush With Death shows.
Tickets are $12.50 if you buy online a portion goes to charity. The show is at 7 pm, at the Loose Moose Theater space in Calgary, hope to see you there!

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I like big BOWS and I cannot lie . . .

Recently I had the opportunity to pair up with The River Project and model for her new accessory line.

It was such a fun shoot! The other models (Elle Nguyen and Ashley Quan) were FANTASTIC as was our MUA Lana Desch.

Melissa took the pictures herself, and I think they all turned out great!!












Check it out here!

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You know you like magic when . . .

You agree to “camp out” at the local magic store (The Vanishing Rabbit) the night before the big sale!

Ryan Pilling and Myself

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New year, new shoots, same Starbucks…

So today I had a photoshoot with the amazing JT Young. He is one of my favorite photographers. We’ve been shooting together for a few years now, and have become good friends, but this year we are going to start shooting more often. So today was the first shoot of hopefully many more. It was a lot of fun, but I always have fun with JT, its so relaxed like two friends hanging out. I brought coffee this time (as I am ADDICTED to Starbucks), so for the first little while he was having troubles getting a good shot!

Just a girl . . . and her Starbucks

Personally I think Starbucks should just sponsor me…. I mean just look at my amazing product placement!!

MMM Delicious!

JT has a self-indulgence series, and I thought mine should involve some Starbucks!

You can find more of his work here!

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These are a few of my new favorite things!

The room!

Okay, so I was curious to see what the deal with eyelash extensions was So I contacted the lovely ladies from Noir Lash Lounge and they set me up. From the minute I looked at their website, I was in love, the website is beautiful! I e-mailed the owner of the company and was surprised by such a fast response, not only did she respond to all of my questions, but she booked my appointment at the Calgary location for me.

So on Tuesday off I went to get some lashes. A few friends of mine had already had them done, so I asked them about the process so I had a little bit of an idea of what to expect. The whole thing took a little over an hour, I had an experienced lash technician who was just the nicest person! She was here fro the Vancouver locations to help get Calgary up and running, and I am sure if the staff here were under her care they are going to be just as wonderful!

The process is simple, you get there and look through a book of some of the different lash looks you can get, you pick one or tell the technician what you want (dramatic, more subtle, etc) and then you lie down on the chair. The technician then chooses a lash that she feels works best with your original lashes and places one in so you can see a little bit of what its going to look like (its not glued so you have to gently open your eyes). If you like it, the process starts.

During the application process

It starts with refreshing eyepads placed under your eyes, then your bottom lashes are taped down. Tape is placed on your eyelid as well (I am assuming to keep the glue off). And one by one the lashes are glued. It’s actually relaxing. I chatted with Shazmin (my technician) and asked her all kinds of questions too. Because I was a lash-virgin mine are expected to stay 2-3 weeks before I’ll need a fill. After the first time I guess they last longer before needing to be filled.

Once it was all done you get to open your eyes and see it. It’s amazing the change, and they are not heavy at all! I forget I have them until I look in the mirror.

my eyelashes before the extension

My eyelashes AFTER the application!! LOVE!

You are not allowed to cry, shower, or basically get them wet for 24 hours… but after that it’s fair game! The care-paper said laugh, cry, swim, etc. I wouldn’t have thought you could swim with them, but it’s good to know I can I am planning on hot-tubbing on Christmas Eve!

With these lashes you have to be sure to use an oil-free makeup remover and be a little more gentle around your eyes. But otherwise that is it. You don’t need mascara, you just wake up and look fabulous!

I can’t wait to go back for a fill, and maybe try their lash-dip for my bottom lashes, as I am also curious about what that is! I am so excited to see what these will look like on stage! It’s going to save so much time!

Thanks Noir Lash Lounge!

Thanks so much Noir Lash Lounge, special thanks to Joyce Poon for all of your help! I’ll definitely be back as you’ve made this girl a Lash-addict!

They are so pretty!

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